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J.P. Morin Company, LLC

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24-Hour Emergency Services

Utility Lines, Wastewater Treatment Systems, and More

We design, build, and install a wide variety of underground and aboveground utility lines for our industrial and commercial clients. Our company also provides professional demolition and renovation services for businesses that need to revamp their fresh or wastewater treatment operations. This includes all the site preparations and excavation work that's essential for developing and expanding their ditch, drainage, or other water retention systems.

At J.P. Morin Company, LLC, we provide High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) piping products for all of our utility services. We even construct the specialized buildings that our clients need for the maintenance of their utilities.

We Have the Equipment to Get the Job Done

We can offer turnkey solutions for so many industrial or commercial projects in the region, because we own, operate, and service an entire fleet of heavy-duty construction and off-road equipment. Our fleet includes fully-equipped service trucks, excavators, trenches, backhoes, and more. All of our equipment is efficiently maintained by our dedicated crew of in-house mechanics.